Bud Billiken Parade


A Message from the CEO:

For 90 years the Bud Billiken Parade has been a platform to uplift and encourage our community and students. We do not support any actions that deem disrespectful to America. We are intensely aware of the sacrifices incurred for our many precious freedoms. The parade organizers were not aware of that group's heinous intentions to disrupt and detract from the true meaning of our parade or our great country. That group or any of the sort will NOT be allowed back into our parade. We are working diligently to enforce a stronger vetting process,

Myiti Sengstacke-Rice, Parade Chair and CEO


The Bud Billiken® Parade is more than a procession of bands and floats marching down King Drive, it’s a commemoration of our past and a celebration of our future. Every summer since 1929, “The Bud” has united African-Americans throughout the city of Chicago in music, dance, food, and laughter. It’s one of the only spaces where we can openly and emphatically praise the historic roots that plant us into the South Side of Chicago.

This year’s parade represents more than the entertainment that it offers. After 90 years, the Celebrating 90 Years of ____ campaign extends the celebration to the generations of people who have participated since its advent. We’ll use their stories and memories to personify the heritage and legacy that the parade encompasses.